Kelly Rowland and Anele Mdoda. Picture:
Kelly Rowland and Anele Mdoda. Picture:

Anele Mdoda hits back after tweeps strike again for her comments on Kelly

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Aug 4, 2020

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Radio personality Anele Mdoda once again found herself on the Twitter trends list this week when tweeps again dragged her into a conversation about US star Kelly Rowland.

It's been more than nine months since Anele first faced the social media firing squad for her comments about Kelly and it does not look like she will be able to live this one down.

She suggested that the Grammy Award-winning singer was not as good looking as many people believed, and when people told her she was lying, she tweeted: "Kelly is only beautiful with make-up, I have receipts."

Since then any time Kelly posts a picture living her best life or just doing regular activities, Anele is mentioned on the Twitter streets and is reminded that her comments about Kelly being 'ugly' are not true.

It happened again this week when Kelly shared snaps of herself in Beyoncé's “Black Is King”, on which she is featured.

This time though the 947 radio personality was having none of it, and shared a screenshot of a conversation suggesting that Kelly's “fans” were more obsessed with her than their idol.

Anele poked the bear by claiming Kelly “would literally be the next Beyoncé” if her fans were as loyal to the US star as they were to dragging her.

The molehill of reactions became a mountain after Anele's comment about Kelly's fans divided them.

Some agreed with Anele, while others claimed the star was being “rude” and a “bully”.

Anele said she would not be chased off social media by the insults hurled at her.

“I can't be bullied and it pains them. The day you think you (sic) going to run me off Twitter, I will be here all day long. I need to go make dinner soon, but you get my point. Another thing I have since learnt about this app is you must reply but never tag them,” she wrote.

She encouraged those who criticised her to use the same energy when supporting Kelly.

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