Kwesta. Picture: Instagram

Local rapper Kwesta is one of Mzansi's most successful music artists but he does regret some life choices and aims to make them right.

One of these is dropping out of high school at a young age following him running away from home. 

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, Kwesta talked about the sacrifices he made to follow his dream which included dropping out of school at 16-years-old.

“After I ran away from home I dropped out of school and just stopped going to classes. I did that because every time I went to school I didn’t want to be there because I knew that I was wasting my time. Like I’m not too dumb… I wasn’t doing too badly at school. It had nothing to do with that, I didn’t find things difficult or anything like that.”

The 'Vur Vai' rapper also spoke on the impact his decision made on him and his mother's relationship. 

“I was stubborn. And, I was raised by a single mother who had other dreams for me and they were mainly academic. I didn’t share those dreams and I was stubborn about it. So much so that we didn’t get along for a while. 

Even though Kwesta hasn't decided what he'd like to study, he still feels that education is very important.

Meanwhile, Kwesta will still be serving some sick kwaito beats. His latest single "Vur Vai" — which dropped last month — was well received by fans, with many expressing their appreciation for his craft, with one fan describing as "the one bright beam of light kwaito will always have".