Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha. Picture: Instagram

First came the anger. Now, it's the apology.

After losing their cool for not winning any SAMAs, Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha have offered a sheepish apology for their outburst.

"On behalf of Westink, I’d like to apologise for the rage," says Mampintsha. Babes then interrupts by saying: “We, We’d like to apologise”.

The couple caused a stir over the weekend with their Dololo video, yelling accusations about the awards "being bought" and not being fairly treated.

While the Wololo star was upset, her fiance Mampintsha was fuming, judging from the F** bombs he threw on the video. We cannot publish the video due to the strong language.

But it appears the pair have since had a change of heart. Maybe they've gone into hiding as well – the video looks as if it was shot at a secret location in the bush.

WATCH: Babes hits back at 'Dololo '#SAMA23

“We had to be mad and someone had to fix it. But nonetheless, we truly apologise to the fans because we weren’t targeting them but those who are doing a very bad job," said Mampintsha.

"We apologise, we love our fans and also give thanks to everyone who voted. We also congratulate those who won because we are not jealous."

Nevertheless, the couple are still sore about the SAMAs fiasco, and claim they won't be seen at award shows in the future.

"The main aim was to make sure that the lady here (pointing at Babes) is good, but this will also help others in future since we won’t be partaking in awards anymore.

"What you saw will never happen again and we truly apologise for that. We’ll only meet during music and I suggest we drop a video of “Mngan wam” and just focus on work.

Get yourself a copy of Isolezwe to get the whole story."