Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram
Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram

Black Coffee called out for working with an alleged rapist

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Jun 15, 2020

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Black Coffee has found himself in hot water on Twitter when social media users called him a hypocrite. 

This comes after the award winning DJ announced that he would be having a men's march against gender-based violence in Mzansi. 

Although many thought it was a great idea, people like veteran actress and author Rosie Motene and celebrity publicist Bonnie Meslane called Black Coffee out for being a hypocrite. 

After seeing his announcement of his planned march, which he has now deleted, Bonnie said that she had an issue with it because Black Coffee knew what fellow DJ and musician Amaru Da Costa allegedly did to her. 

"I have so much to say about you. I have reached out to you before. You know about Amaru and what he did to me. You never said a word. Maybe it wasn’t your place", she said. 

She then went on to alleged that she was abused and raped by Amaru while she worked at Soulistic Music. 

"Nothing misleading about my tweets. I can thread the whole thing, I just don’t have the time. I stand by everything I have said. I quit my job at Soulistic and told Nathi why. He did nothing about it. Just like he said nothing when I reached out to him about the rape", she said.

Black Coffee responded to Bonnie saying "You stopped working at Soulistic in 2016  after you told me you were not happy with Amaru’s treatment towards you and Amaru stopped working for me in 2018.Then you both started working together again on your own despite all you had said to me about his behavior". 

Bonnie said that although she understood what he was saying, his outrage over the "outrage on rapes of strangers doesn’t say much when the very people you know, you are silent about."

Following their exchange on Twitter, actress Rosie Motene stepped in and asked Coffee what does he do when allegations of rape are levelled against someone he knows. 

"It is great to take a stand and it is needed but the issue is much deeper than attending a march. As a man, when allegations of rape have surfaced against other men in your circle, what did you do? Let us start with your friend and colleague Amaru da Costa", tweeted Rosie. 

The "Wish You Were Here" hitmaker later tweeted "Damned if you do, damned if you don’t."

Black Coffee penned a detailed response saying that he had no relationship with Amaru since their falling out in 2018.

See his thread below: 

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