Boity. Picture: Instagram
On Monday morning a Twitter user dug up Boity Thulo’s old tweets from nearly a decade ago where she makes homophobic comments.

In the tweets, the media personality is bashing some of the local soapies for showing gay couples.

Boity who recently dropped her hit single 'Wuz Dat', posted a statement explaining how "young and naive" she was when she made those "embarrassing" comments.

"A decade ago, I was naive, homophobic, young and didn’t know better. I was 19 and my views on sexuality were warped. We grow, our views change and we do better. It’s gut-wrenching and embarrassing to see them now, however, I am not the same person I was 10 years ago"

Boity's fans jumped into her defence, stating that whoever brought up these tweets is out to sabotage Boity's music career as it gets started. 

Boity also issued an apology:

I’m very sorry to every person that felt offended by those tweets.