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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Bonang Matheba lambastes former CSA Global manager ahead of court battle

Bonang Matheba. PICTURE: @chuchuojekwe/Instagram

Bonang Matheba. PICTURE: @chuchuojekwe/Instagram

Published May 20, 2022


Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Bonang Matheba came out guns blazing, accusing her former CSA Global manager Davin Phillips of theft and career sabotage.

In a series of tweets, Queen B blasted Phillips, insisting that she is not backing down on the legal battle that started when the two parties parted ways last year.

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“One thing I WILL do is stand up for myself!!! PUBLICLY!! I’ve had ENOUGH!! You’ve put me and my family through HELL the last 2 years!!

“And clearly being decent behind closed doors, isn’t the language you understand ANYMORE!!! I’m going to FIGHT!! Watch me!! @DavinPhillips,” tweeted Matheba.

She continued: “how dare you?!! @houseofbng was facilitated & finalized by @jaybadza47 [email protected]!! Loooong before you arrived…. But no, you think you can be snakey and attempt a [email protected]!! 🥰😎❤️ YOU’RE COMICAL!“

“15 years of my HARD work! You think you can swoop in and STEAL from me?!! It will be a cold day in HELL my diye!! @DavinPhillips,” added the star.

In another Twitter post, which has since been deleted, Matheba alleged that Phillips stole over R820k, ruining her career at the American broadcaster before it even began.

“Should I tell them about the $52 000 you stole from iHeart Media…which ultimately cost me my radio career show? @DavenPhillips,” added Matheba.

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In a statement issued to IOL Entertainment on Friday, Phillips said: “These rants and raves by Ms Matheba are very unfortunate and tarnish her own dignity and reputation.

“They are also another attempt by Ms Matheba to distort and manipulate fact.”

Furthermore, Phillips explained that Matheba joined CSA in 2017, while the House of BNG was launched in 2019.

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“Ms Matheba is currently in breach of multiple contracts with various clients. The matter is currently with our lawyers and her breaches of contract will be decided upon by an arbitrator.

“As mentioned previously, Ms Matheba is in fact the only individual who has made millions of Rands of profit out of The House of BNG - while CSA is still at a loss and in the red after having invested millions in this venture to make it a success.

“Not only has CSA invested in this venture but we have been significantly instrumental in developing and creating the brand, from the actual naming convention to the route to market, packaging, innovation (MCC, Prestige and coming up with the concept of BNG Nectar - the sparkling wine in a can), the distribution strategy (in which we secured listings in key retailers), creation of the brand CI and the securing of all event partnerships.

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“We look forward to our days in the arbitration when these false allegations will be exposed,” the statement read.

He also addressed the recent allegations Twitter, saying: Again, this allegation is false. iHeart Radio have never made any such allegation.

“The agreement was terminated by iHeart due to Ms Matheba refusing to comply with her obligations, thus being in breach of her agreement.”

This comes just over six months after Matheba announced that she had terminated her contract with CSA Global.

Matheba also announced that she would be taking legal action against the management agency.

“Today, I announce that I’ve terminated that contract … and they no longer represent me or any of my business ventures,” she said at the time.

“Furthermore, I have instructed my lawyers to investigate the possibility of criminal conduct by the company and its representatives.

“I will revert over the next few days with more updates so that others can be aware of what I consider as their very unsavoury behaviour,“ she said.

In response to Matheba’s allegation, in October last year, CSA Global said in a statement to IOL Entertainment that Matheba was in breach of multiple contracts and had been in derelict with the brands for several months.

“For the record, Ms Matheba is currently in breach of multiple contracts with various clients as she has been derelict to these brands and indeed her own for the past six months.

“We are currently awaiting a response from her lawyers on legal letters already sent.

“There is no merit in these scandalous allegations, we look forward to the day in court with Bonang, exposing the false and half-truths that she has been spreading,” it said.