Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram
Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram

Bonang Matheba wants to be kept out of AKA's 'mess'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Feb 20, 2020

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The past few weeks have been spicy when it comes to AKA and his ex-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle. 

The pair have had a very public breakup, mainly thanks to the subtle messages they have sent their fans like unfollowing each other on social media and deleting pictures of each other on their pages. 

Confirmation did come in an interview on Metro FM last month when AKA said that he and DJ Zinhle had split. He has since been spotted with a woman fans believe is his girlfriend on numerous occasions. 

Now that the pair are no longer dating, @SissGugu has suggested on Twitter that AKA's former girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, should make up and be friends with DJ Zinhle.

She also suggested Bonang make the first move.  

“I can't wait for Bonang and DJ Zinhle to make up. Two of the most hardworking personalities in our industry will not and cannot be divided by a man when they can [soar] higher together. Moghel throw the first bone.”
However, Bonang was not feeling any of it and asked the user not to involve her.

“Keep my name out of this mess,” Bonang wrote in a now-deleted tweet. 

Earlier this week the rapper told fans he had been single since 2019 and didn't need to inform anyone when he splits with someone.

“What was I supposed to do? Inform you?” 
He also hit back at claims he was humiliating his baby mama by speaking about the break-up.

“Humiliated by what? A relationship not working out and someone moving on? Cut the bullsh*t.”

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