Bonang Matheba. Picture: Supplied
The savagery on the streets of Black Twitter is just on another level. Remember “Binglish”? Well, 18 months later Bonang Matheba is being dragged again on Twitter for poor grammar. This comes after someone noticed that the word 'elegant' printed on her newly launched bubbly was spelt incorrectly.

In spite of the typo Bonang 's luxury beverage brand "House of BNG, Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Cap Classiques (MCCs) that was launched on Monday, M arch 18, flew off the shelves within hours on its launch.

One Twitter user made mention of the error, snapping the bottle, with a caption: "Guys that girl Bonang spelt “Elegant” wrong on her bottle of champagne ... must we jusss ignore".

But the Queen B doesn't seem fazed at all, the typo may work in her favour as the suggested she may call her white wine 'Elegent".

As always the BForce jumped into Bonang's defence, with some saying the typo doesn't change the taste of the wine.

In 2017 when Bonang launched her memoir A to B, the star received heavy critism as the book was read full of bad grammar and typos. Though the publishers claimed full responsibility for Bonang book errors, it seems Twitter doesn't forget.