Bonang is being showed a world of love by Twitter. Photo: Instagram/@BonangMatheba

What started off as an attempt to troll the 'Being Bonang' star, ended up in a hashtag that celebrates the strength and the slayage that is Bonang Matheba.

On Thursday afternoon, a troll took to the Twitter streets to talk about the number of men that Bonang has been in public relationships with. 

Matheba didn't mince her words after a tweep posted: "D’Banj, AKA, Slikour",  and she responded with a savage clap back making it clear that she is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants.

Tweeps have come out in full force to remind this troll of what skills and talents that Matheba possesses, reading him for filth in the name of #IAMBonang. Since being dragged by Matheba, the troll swiftly deleted his unsolicited shady tweet. 

The support Bonang received made the queen a little emotional. 

More importantly, the hashtag has done its bit to remind us all that the social media universe can be as kind as it is vicious as it wants to be, and that shaming women for their choices, particularly their sexual agency, is a dumb move.