Bonang Matheba and DJ Euphonik. Picture:Instagram

Bonang Matheba has replied to DJ Euphonik's "We are trash" tweet with one word, "nonke".

Three years ago, DJ Euphonik came up with the word "nonke", a word that refers to negative people on Twitter. This had followed a series of tweets about his personal life, including one where he referred to Matheba star as "queen".

The "Vuma" producer and Matheba had dated a for a brief period and, after they broke up, allegations of DJ Euphonik assaulting her have done the rounds.

On Tuesday, with the country still talking about gender-based violence, DJ Euphonik joined in on the Men Are Trash movement by tweeting "We are trash...", to which Matheba said "NONKE!"

This, in turn, had the BForce - Matheba's stans - recalling the abuse allegations and laughing at Matheba's tweet. 

Boity Thulo and celebrities such as Anele Mdoda, Jessica Nkosi and Bonnie Mbuli also voiced their displeasure with the current dangers women face in this country regarding femicide and gender-based violence.