Bonnie Mbuli. Picture: Supplied

Local TV presenter and actress Bonnie Mbuli wants to get some clarity on why Zodwa Wabantu's private parts were on display at the Feather Awards.

The 'Afternoon Express' presenter was left visibly "shook" after Zodwa Wabantu decided to forgo wearing underwear at the awards ceremony, with pictures of her lifting the dress and her private parts being on display going viral.
Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Twitter

Mbuli, however, felt conflicted about the situation because she's a "raging hot headed feminist" and subsequently took to social media to ask fans for their perspective on the matter.
Several Twitter users reponsed to her request and so the debate ensued. Bonnie stood by the initial statement and gave more context to it. The debate seemed to going in circles until one user gave it a big 'OK', by stating that it's not wrong to be bothered by someone's actions but highlighted that one still needs to respect each others rights.