Gareth Cliff and Tbo Touch

Tbo Touch called a media briefing on Friday November 18, to make an annnouncement of a development about #datamustfall and an addition to Touch Central.

The cherry on top announcement followed, where Touch annonced with the nod of partner Gareth Cliff that comedian Tol Ass Mo - real name Mongezi Ngcobondwane - will be joining Toch Central. They made Mongezi an offer on air, after he had allegedly been offered a radio slot by two other radio stations.

Touch added to his welcoming speech by mentioning that he sees more than just a comedian in Mongezi. “Tol Ass Mo is a creative, guys. Not just a comedian.

He is responsible for a lot of creative and excited campaigns and does a lot of research for companies. He is a business man,” Touch said.

Mongezi thanked them for the opportunity and went on to say what we can expect form his show. “I want to have normal conversations that people have (at night) that we don’t really get a chance to speak about on our national radios.

Expect a lot of freedom, a lot of fun, good music and hell of a lot of laughter!” the comedian turned presenter said.

The “big” announcement was that the #datamustfall movement was slowly winning the battles, in the big war.

Touch started his campaign last week by giving cellphone networks a 30-day ultimatum to make a change, or else subscribers would migrate to a cheaper service provider.

On Friday Touch made the announcement, saying that MTN had decreased the prices of the data bundles. “#DataFalling @MTNza has joined the low data movement. Get data Bundle 1gig R65 2Gig R99 Unlimited calls,SMS,3G data for R859 AlutaContinua,” he annonced and tweeted.

Along with the news Touch announced that Touch Central will be free, when you are listening via MTN and that Touch Central would also be the place to be if you are looking for “free”” data. Everyday form 5 pm, callers will get free data every 30, just for tuning in.

The announcement was met with a lot of critisism on Twitter, with people feeling like Touch has “sold out”.

[email protected] @MTNza you used the people to achieve your goals. ?? #Datafalling benefits @TouchCentralFM only,”one tweep said and many agreed.