Investigative reporter Macfarlane Moleli is a hands-on dad. Picture: Supplied
Investigative reporter Macfarlane Moleli is a hands-on dad. Picture: Supplied

Carte Blanche's Macfarlane Moleli is a hands-on dad.

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Jun 20, 2020

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Part of the "Carte Blanche" family, Macfarlane Moleli has a pretty busy schedule. 

As much as he loves what he does, he also takes great pride in his other role as a father - a responsibility, he doesn’t take lightly. 

He shared: “My kids are my life, every single one of them has something special about them and they make being a dad so easy because they are so loving. There is never a shortage of kisses, hugs and ‘I love you’, in my home.

And he is grateful for the lessons his father imparted to him, which he practices, too. 

As much as my dad was obsessed with an education, he instilled the love of knowledge into our hearts and minds. I guess being an educator didn’t end at the office for him because he brought the same discipline at home. So as children, we knew we had to read and know something about everything,” Moleli added. 

He continued: “Reading is a huge part of my children’s lives, I try to equip them with knowledge at every given opportunity, even though times have changed and Google has taken over. I still make sure that my kids are well-read and I make sure that if they don't know or understand anything, they must seek out the answers. 

"We read every night at my house for at least half an hour. So besides what we read together as a family, I try and get my kids to always have a book that they are reading.”

Moleli is a dad of six, whom he fondly refers to by their nicknames: Moppet (7), Zeed Zeed (8), Maani (11), Keemy (14), Khadj (16) and Ato (20). 

Macfarlane Moleli on the set of "Carte Blanche". Picture: Supplied

Every dad has a vault of treasured memories, Moleli is no different. He reflected: “Watching my children grow will always be a truly enriching experience, seeing how each of them has a part of you in their mannerisms, their thinking or actions is mindblowing. 

"I can almost hear my mother's voice saying, ‘When you have kids, I wish they drive you as mad as you drove me’. Watching this literally happen in front of my eyes every day is a surreal experience.”

As much as there is plenty of cherished moments, challenges are par for the course, too. 

Moleli agreed: “Prayer has become the foundation, which we are building our family on, and praying together as a family every night has not only brought us closer. It has also given us an opportunity to realise that we are not alone in our struggles. This has changed our family immensely.” 

As for his greatest joy of being a dad in today's world and the words of wisdom he often passes onto his kids, he said: “I am never too busy for my kids, I make time for them in whatever way I can, I'm fortunate enough that we are only ever really busy for one or two days at the most. However, on my off days, I’m always at home and I get to spend time with my children. 

"I won't say I have mastered the work-life balance, but I do my best to make sure that when I have a chance, I give adequate time for my kids. We run together, we pray together, we exercise together and we play together.

“Knowing that my kids are happy is the greatest joy any parent could ever ask for because all we can do is try our very best for our families, I try to teach my children that family is everything and the only salvation we have is putting our faith and trust in Allah. I try to teach my children that love and trust are the foundation which will keep our family together.” 

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