DJ Fresh, upset at recent statements from his ex, has gone the legal route to dispel her claims. Picture: Instagram

DJ Fresh has released a statement regarding sexual assault claims made against him. 

Posting to his Twitter page on Tuesday, he said that after being in the entertainment industry for two decades he considered himself a voice for the unheard, and had never looked away from taking responsibility for his actions and didn't plan on starting now. 

Regarding the "false accusations" made against him by anonymous and known parties, he said the claims were "false and without basis", adding they have been made public "recklessly".  

He said he was saddened the focus "shifted from the real issues and perpetrators".

He said he had supported initiatives on his platform with regards to GBV and was intent on staying committed to the cause.

The 947 radio host then addressed the ex-girlfriend he dated 18 years ago and said her statements had no "merit" and he used to ignore her. However, due to the implications of her recent statements, he had referred them to his lawyers. 

See the full statement below:

As a person who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades; I have considered myself as a tool and a voice for the unheard. 

I have never been one to shy away from taking responsibility for my actions and will not be starting now. I have faced all manner of false accusations from anonymous and identified parties; to which I have rarely responded. The current allegations are false and without basis. 

They have been made and published, recklessly. The fight against Gender Based Violence is one of the biggest battles in our country and it saddens me that the focus is being shifted from the real issues and perpetrators. I have consistently used the platforms of influence that I am afforded to take a stand against Gender Based Violence. 

I have supported initiatives in this area, motivated by the wish for a safe country for women and children, and the public at large. I am, and will, remain committed to this cause. As for the statements made by someone I had a relationship with over 18 years ago, they are without merit and denied. 

I have, in the past, chosen to ignore this person, but due to the implications of the most recent statements, the matter is has been referred to my attorneys to handle and I am not in a position to comment further at this time. DJ Fresh