DJ Sbu: ‘I looked richer than I was’

DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram

DJ Sbu. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 13, 2022


On a recent episode of “The Penuel Show” podcast, DJ Sbu sat down with YouTuber and host Penuel The Black Pen to discuss things that shaped his life.

The DJ, whose real name in Sbusiso Leope, was out of the limelight for a while, and when pictures of him looking “unkempt“ surfaced on social media, it sent the gossip mill into overdrive and he was criticised by social media trolls.

The DJ said that he was doing fine and that there were more important things in the world to worry about.

Now back after winning his first PRISM award for his own podcast, “The Hustlers Corner SA”, the popular DJ talked about his businesses and business partnerships including MoFaya Beverages, TS Records, Homegrown Farm & Radio, Massive Metro, Leadership 2020, Crypto University and The Hustlers Corner.

Sharing some witty business advice, he said: “A lot of rich people that you guys look up to, sometimes you ask yourself, why don’t they drive Porsches or Mercs? But you know they (are) successful. They don’t have a lot of cash lying around.

“A lot of rich people invest their cash, they don’t have R10 million just lying around or like R2 million in their bank account. A lot of them, they don’t. They give themselves salaries.

“I’ve lived the lifestyle, I’ve travelled, I’ve driven all these great cars, lived the celebrity life, throwing parties, but as you grow old, you know better and you do better,” DJ Sbu said.

He admitted that he over-spent and was always surrounded by crowds of people and was the one who covered the bill most of the time.

“I looked richer than I was. Now I look back and realise I was dumb,” he said.

He added that he has now acknowledged his mistakes and is living comfortably as an entrepreneur.

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