DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

DJ Zinhle certainly is a force to reckon with: she is an entertainer, entrepreneur and mother, she has built her own house, South Africans love her and now has her very own book. 

However, since her very public breakup with her then boyfriend and baby daddy, rapper AKA, the star's love life is always in the limelight and she still gets asked about her breakup. 

As you probably know, AKA cheated on DJ Zinhle (while she was pregnant) with Bonang Matheba. Fans chose their sides and lawyers got involved too, it was a lot! 

Now in a recent interview with Durban's East Coast Radio, Zinhle revealed that she is cool with Bonang, forgave her and knows that AKA still loves her. 

Zinhle was promoting her book, Meeting Your Power - Returning Home To Yourself, when radio host Bongani Mtolo asked Zinhle if she forgave "the other person involved", referring to Bonang. 

Zinhle was quick with her response, saying, "Yeah totally. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself, so I had to forgive everyone because the longer you hold on to anger resentment, it doesn't affect anyone else but you." 

Bongani then asked what happens when she meets Bonang in public, Zinhle said, "...we've never been friends before that, I think that's the mistake... but we cool, we don't look at each other funny ... we are decent girls, we are good girls..."  

Referring to his previous interview with AKA, where the rapper said he still loved Zinhle, Bongani asked whether Zinhle thought that the rapper was still in love with her and if she would ever get back together with him, she responded saying: "Yes, I gave him a nice baby he better be. I don't know (about getting back with him) ...I am still trying to rediscover the love thing".

Watch the interview below.