Emtee. Picture: Supplied
Local rapper Emtee wants to exit his current deal with Ambitiouz Entertainment and started posting #FreeEmtee on Twitter  along with saying that his supporters want him to prosper on Sunday. 

This is not the first time he has voiced his displeasure with his label. Earlier this year the "Roll Up" rapper said he was working on a documentary but got blocked by his label. 

He also voiced his annoyance regarding how his album DIY2 was marketed, claiming that there wasn't enough done to promote the album. 

This time around the "Abantu" rapper has called on his fans to make #FreeEmtee happen, posting the hashtag along and a poll which at the time of writing has gained nearly 9 000 votes with 79% saying he must leave. 

Tweeps were a tad confused by the hashtag and initially thought he was arrested, however, there were some that understood what he was trying to say.