Faith Nketsi gushes over husband: ‘I strive to be the best wife to you’

Faith Nketsi and husband Nzuzo Njilo. Picture: Instagram

Faith Nketsi and husband Nzuzo Njilo. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 5, 2022


Ever since reality TV star Faith Nketsi tied the knot to Nzuzo Njilo she has been head over heels in love with her husband.

Her fans, aka riders as she calls them on this season of her reality show “Have Faith”, have been given an intimate glimpse of the couple’s relationship.

While Nketsi and her hubby still maintain some privacy around their relationship, the one thing they cannot hide is how in love they are.

On the latest episode of the reality show, viewers got to see Njilo along with Nketsi’s friends and family surprise the first-time mother with a baby shower.

Pregnancy hormones had Nketsi opting to cancel the celebration but her husband went ahead with the plans behind her back.

To date, Njilo has been camera-shy but for the baby shower episode viewers were treated to his heart-warming speech, where he expressed his love for Nketsi.

Nketsi took to her Instagram account and shared a Reel of the precious moment and reflected about her love for her husband and his drive to make her happy.

“Your drive to always put a smile on your wife’s face is what makes my life today a dream come true. I love you so much.

“I thank you for our beautiful munchkins and watching you become a father and how you love her and are so obsessed with her warms my heart so much,” she wrote.

In her post, Nketsi also spoke about wanting to be the best wife to her husband and hoping that their union never changes.

“I strive to be the best wife to you because you are effortlessly the best husband one could ask for. It’s all fun and laughter with us and I pray that never changes because our friendship is the foundation. I married my best friend.”