GONE: DJ Glen Lewis has left Touch HD. Picture: Bathini Mbatha
Johannesburg - Following news of DJ Glen Lewis's departure from Touch HD, the veteran radio DJ has lashed out at its founder Thabo “Tbo Touch” Molefe, calling him a "coward" and a "hypocrite". 

Earlier this week, Touch announced that Lewis would be leaving his stable , barely a year into the partnership. 

“Yes, he is leaving. Bear in mind we are a year-old company that is in a new space, and I call it digital. In digital, we have to conduct surveys from our listeners.

“We learnt that digital is not personality driven, it is engagement driven. People look into how many times you tweet, how many times you respond. The digital space is engagement driven. Digital teaches you to be a content creator. The people that you hear on air are content creators, not DJs," Touch said.

Barely a few hours later, Lewis clapped back at Touch over the comments, branding him a coward and hypocrite.

This dude though makes me laugh 😂 singing my praises all of sudden #coward #hypocrit shut up already @TouchHDOnline @iamtbotouch

Lewis's reaction drew humorous reaction on social media from the likes of DJ Fresh and Robert Marawa. 

#MOER!!!! 🤭🤭🤯

Hebanna!! 👀 pic.twitter.com/iZWXMhThMV