LAST MAN STANDING: Graham Jenneker

Shane said it best: would you want to watch 27 days’ worth (which, in real terms, actually translated to four months in TV time) of people pretending to be oh-so-nice to each other and preaching about integrity?

The answer is an outright No. It’s likely you would have switched off after the first five episodes – if you even made it that far.

Graham Jenneker echoed Shane’s views, declaring: “I don’t think this is the platform for sentimentality” in his final plea to the jury.

And clearly they agreed. After securing five of the 10 jury votes, the Capetonian took the title of Ultimate Survivor during last night’s season finale. His victory came as something of a shock to Jenneker himself, who admitted he had expected crowd favourite Sivu Xabanisa to win.

In what proved to be the pinnacle of epic blindsides, Jenneker even managed to secure Marian de Vos’s vote, despite her declarations that long-time alliance member Sivu had her full support.

“I’m genuinely surprised,” Jenneker said after the announcement was made. Asked how he planned to spend the R1 million, he said: “So many things. I don’t want to cry”.

Initially, his closing appeal during the final tribal council cast further doubt on his prospects, due to the fact that many felt his overture to the jury came off as more of a rant about his fellow finalists not being deserving of the title, rather than one that should have extolled his own merits.

As Solly said: “You played the game hard for 25 days and on the 26th day you were stupid, because you swore on your mother’s life (in reference to Graham promising Sivu he would vote David out). You let it slip for one minute and because of that one minute, you eliminated yourself from the competition.”

Obviously not. - The Star