Nonhlanhla "Skolopad" Qwabe and Zodwa Wabantu. Pictures: Instagram

In the past year or so, Mzansi has been served a series of stories covering two of its most controversial socialites — who happen to be arch rivals — Zodwa Wabantu and Skolopad. 

Zodwa, who is infamous for her no-panty policy, sultry dance moves and occasional nude pic, has gone from DJ Tira's supporting act to having a fanbase of her own.

In recent months, she has been quoted on more than one occasion saying that she's working towards bigger and better things. And it seems to be paying off with her recent tour to the UK, another scheduled tour in the United States and landing three acting gigs.

Zodwa had a cameo role in 'Uzalo' earlier this month, and recently relocated to Johannesburg to star in a new SABC1 TV series and a film.

Skolopad, a house and kwaito singer, has been trying to break into the entertainment industry since 2014. She become what could loosely be called a household name in February last year, when she wore "that yellow dress" to the Metro FM Awards. She also wore a sausage dress to 9th annual Feather Awards in November, where she was nominated for the Drama Queen of Year award, but lost the title to Zodwa.

Since then, the registered and practicing nurse has grace many red carpets and frequented local celebrity pages. She's even been in studio working on an EP — which was unfortunately leaked before its release date and is currently being sold on street corners.

However, it would seem that when she's not helping the sick, and not working her music career, she's busy chasing Twitter followers.

Last year, Skolopad promised tweeps that if she hit 50 000 likes on her account she'd stop sharing nudes pics — she currently has 35 000 Twitter followers and 25 000 Instagram followers — and for the second time this month, she's inspired creativity, as social media users try to draw clothes on her naked body.

On Saturday, Skolopad uploaded a picture of herself in a sex position, captioned: "Saturday mood #dropurwebatlakaestyleskolopad (Drop your 'where do you want it' style with Skolopad). sic"

While Twitter was sympathetic to Skolopad's leaked EP, they were visibly shook by her "50 Shades" inspired pose, with some questioning her parenting skills. 

Speaking to TshisaLive, Skolopad seems unphased by the negative feedback and said she doesn't understand why people took her nude pictures so seriously.

"I was just having fun and revealing my naughty side. Everyone has a naughty side and that's why I don't understand why some people took it so seriously. People know I love nudity. They should also know by now that sex is a friend to nudity. It shouldn't be a shock if my caption goes in that direction. I mean, I have a naughty side too," she said. 

While, Zodwa has shared similar sentiments in past, it does make one wonder if Skolopad is in fact "still crawling in this game" by thinking that nudity is the key to winning fans.

Last year, Zodwa responded to claims that she and Skolopad have beef, by saying: "I'm not threatened by Skolopad, she is still crawling in this game. We are in a very fast industry and don't know what tomorrow holds for us, so it's time to make money."

And with Zodwa's recent success, I suppose she is the one making "money moves", after all.