Author of the fast-selling book Bare Jackie Phamotse. Picture: Twitter

Disgraced author Jackie Phamotse is reportedly seeking legal advice following calls for her controversial book, "Bare: The Blesser's Game", to be removed from shelves. 

Speaking to TshisaLive, Phamotse said that she's admitted the book is part-fictional and never claimed that her book was a biography. 

"I have never once said my book is a biography. I never said it is non-fiction. I have explained and I maintain that my book is based on a true story. My story. The book is under novels at Exclusive Books, and all other bookstores, because it is not a memoir," she said.

The social media backlash comes after the Randburg Magistrate's Court ruled that Phamotse - author of the book "Bare" - harassed businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo in a tweet earlier this year.

Kumalo laid a harassment charge against Phamotse after she tweeted: “Just overheard a painful conversation, a Female TV mogul...Pleading with one of my girls to not share videos of her drunk and her husband rim**ng a celebrity boy!!!!!!!!! What the hell!!!! Kanti what kind of marriages do we have now!!! I have asked to see this video (sic).”