Jelly Babie says sorry after insulting cashier in viral video... but who is she?

Bacardi singer, Jelly Babie has apologised to cashier Marth Mazibuko after insulting her on a vidoe that went viral, and invites her as special guest to upcoming show. Picture: Supplied

Bacardi singer, Jelly Babie has apologised to cashier Marth Mazibuko after insulting her on a vidoe that went viral, and invites her as special guest to upcoming show. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 25, 2024


Bacardi singer Jelly Babie has apologized to a supermarket cashier she insulted in a viral video this week. Jelly Babie, 18, recorded herself insulting a Big Save supermarket employee and was completely shunned by her social media followers who unfollowed her in droves.

The Thaba Ke Chenchitse singer, whose real name is Karabo Kakhu, posted a video on her TikTok account where she could be heard engaging in heated argument with Martha Mazibuko, a cashier who could be old enough to be her mother.

Jelly Babie can be heard insulting the cashier and saying that she’s a fool and too forward.

“O eng wena? (who the hell are you?), O lastag (You’re too forward),” she said in a disrespectful tone to the cashier.

The singer went on to exchange words in a disrespectful tone with the cashier and said: “Ga o selo wena, o maq (You’re nothing and you’re just a fool.)”


After the video went viral, her followers then started to circulate the video and expressed criticism, saying they will unfollow her on all social media platforms.

Big Save’s supermarket management then issued a statement citing that they would like Jelly Babie to apologise publicly.

The statement reads: “We call for accountability for the TikTok influencer involved and urge for appropriate action to be taken, in apologising publicly to both our employee and the company.”

It didn't end there, another local business that was working with the disrespectful singer then announced an intention to withdraw their partnerships with her, after the video of her insulting the cashier went viral.


Jelly Babie has said sorry to cashier Martha Mazibuko after insulting her in a viral video. Picture: Supplied

The P Squared Beauty Parlour, which Jelly Babie was the brand ambassador for, issued a statement citing that they were ending their partnership with her following her rude behaviour on social media.

“In light of recent events involving Jelly Babie, we have made the decision to end our partnership with her, as her behaviour does not align with our values,” read the statement.

The salon wished her well in her future endeavours, pointing out that they reckon that she will be dedicated to promoting respect and kindness in all her future projects.

Meanwhile, her fans and followers then also decided to unfollow her TikTok after the video went viral.

Jelly Babie had more than 600,000 followers on the platform, however, the numbers declined to 125,000 followers as her fans unfollowed her.

Yesterday, the Bacardi singer decided to go to the Big Save store and make peace with the cashier she was having a heated altercation with.

A video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) by @MDNnewss she can be seen apologising in the store and acknowledging that she was disrespectful.

“This incident happened and it is a mistake. But, it has helped me to realise that I can't keep going all over insulting people. If it was not for this incident with sister Martha, I was going to do it tomorrow and the next day with someone else.

“She taught me a lesson that I will never forget,” she said.

In her own defence, Jelly Babie pleaded the ignorance of youth and said she was still young and called for guidance.


“Support me, and show me the right path to take, don’t insult me or bring me down because by doing that you are not assisting me. I want to apologise to all the people who are working here, but most importantly I’m doing this to show other artists to see that people must be respected,” she said.

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