Jessica Nkosi. Picture: Instagram
Jessica Nkosi. Picture: Instagram

Jessica Nkosi shares 'uncomfortable' encounter with traffic cop

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jan 15, 2020

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Local personality Jessica Nkosi took to Twitter where she shared an uncomfortable encounter she experienced with a Johannesburg Metro Police traffic officer. 

Taking to her Twitter page on Tuesday, Nkosi shared her story of how she was stopped by an unnamed traffic officer and asked why they have to stick their heads through the window. 

When she started to feel uncomfortable, the Volvo ambassador asked the male officer to move a bit back. 

Furthermore, she mentioned that she was also wearing a short dress which upped the level of uncomfortability.

Nkosi also had to ask him to move once more since she couldn't get her licence with his current position without feeling uneasy. 

I think what made me more uncomfortable was that I’m wearing a short dress today. And there he is with his whole head in my car. Haaaibo. I couldn’t even comfortably look for my license. So I had to ask him to move so I can get it. Smh...

— Jessica Nkosi (@JessicaNkosi) January 14, 2020

IOL Entertainment reached out to the Johannesburg Metro Police to find out what a motorist should do in this situation. 

"If any officer is misbehaving or if a motorist feels uncomfortable with an officer's behaviour, they are advised to call the Johannesburg Metro Police's internal affairs on 0800 203 713.

"Get as much information you can on the officer so that the internal affairs office can investigate them, " said Johannesburg Metro Police's Wayne Minnar.

This is not the first time a local celebrity has had an uncomfortable encounter with a traffic officer. 

In November, "No Strings" rapper Rouge shared a story of how a traffic officer asked her why she wasn't wearing long pants while he was looking in her car with a flashlight.

Social media influencer Lerato Mannya then asked her if she got the officer's badge number and name to report the inappropriate question from the officer. 

The "Midnight Drum" rapper explained in her reply to Mannya that this is not the first time a traffic cop has asked strange and inappropriate questions. 

Which included an officer asking her if she's married and why such a pretty girl is driving alone.  

She followed this up by explaining that if women do question male cops on their inappropriate comments that they will make your night a "living hell" and to get out of the situation women either keep quiet or laugh with them. 

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