Jessica Nkosi. Picture: Twitter

“Fabulous, gorgeous, amazing,intelligent, can I go on? I’m just kidding!”

This is the mood Jessica Nkosi is in after announcing that she has renewed her deal with skincare brand Clinique.

Nkosi shared the news in an instagram post last week, in which she also wrote: “Glorious Morning to you 🌤☀️... I have some exciting news to share ... In everything I see God, to still be apart of this family that stands for everything I stand for is a true blessing!!! I'm filled with so much gratitude. I feel like a kid.

The beautiful Isibaya star told Tonight: “The fact that they still think that I'm worthy to be part of their family means a lot to me, I can't begin to describe my joy”

It’s promising to be a huge year for Nkosi, who is also one of the presenters of BET’s A-List show, alongside the likes of Nandi Madida and Nomzamo Mbatha.

Despite her television experience, Nkosi revealed that she was nervous about her new venture. “I was sweating my life away...I was nervous but I’m also very excited to be working alongside some of the amazing people in the industry.”

Asked if she was hand picked for the position, she explained that she went through a “hectic” audition and screening processes and “‘it was not easy”.

“They need to know your talent or what you’re capable of ( ikhono lakho). I went for auditions and screen testing. They didn't just pick me. Before then I only did OPW which was of course my first presenting gig. A List is that job that I really wanted and I’m happy I got it.”

Asked about her acting hiatus, she excitedly tells me about how she is branching out into stage.

“I will be doing a theater piece. It will be a surprise to a lot of people who don't know I studied theatre and drama, but it has always been my plan to do theater.”

Jessica completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Performing Arts, in 2012, from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“I always wanted to do soapies, movies, presenting...but theatre has always been my first love, it is the core of acting. I did it for 3 years and straight after school I went to Isibaya.

“It's a musical. People must know that I sing and dance.

“I’m a performer. People mustn’t think I lip sync only, people must know that I'm Babes Wodomo,” she laughs.

“I will start rehearsals next month ( June) and it will be in one of the theaters in Joburg.”

Isibaya fans can also rest easy as the character Qondi will almost certainly be making a comeback.

Jessica Nkosi. Picture: Twitter

“My fans fans would kill me, but no, Qondi is not gone. She will be back for sure, although I cannot confirm when, but she'll be back in few months.

She then starts laughing as she recalls a recent incident in Durban.

“I met a guy just the other day in Durban, who asked: uhambeleni kante wena, ubuya nini (why did you leave and when are you coming back?)

“Aren't you supposed to be in London or something”

“Go to London or go back to Isibaya...what are you doing in the streets.”

Jessica is in stitches as she tries to compose herself,

“I get these kinds of questions almost every day.”

“People must please allow me to take a break and explore new things. It's time to get out of my comfort zone. It's growth and I want to do more if people would be so kind to allow me to's beautiful, if my fans will allow me to explore this new venture.”