Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Instagram/Mmadond
Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Instagram/Mmadond

Kelly Khumalo's fighting words after prayer request is mocked

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Apr 23, 2020

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Kelly Khumalo is not having anyone bully her on social media after she posted an emotional plea for people to pray this week. 

The singer has shrugged off the hate she has been receiving this week, after she found herself on the Twitter trends list for an emotional video where she pleaded with her fans to get on their knees and ask God what they should take from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the video, posted to Instagram, Kelly said she couldn't stop crying and said, she has been “summoned” to make the prayer request to her fans and that it did not matter which part of the world they were in. 

While some appreciated what she said, many ridiculed her.

No stranger to trending or controversy, not even her fans could help when they tried to defend her. However Kelly did hit back at those bullying her. 

“Let them continue my love, it’s their only moment of relevance,” she wrote.
That was not all. 

She said her haters can go “all the way to hell” and that it was not worth explaining herself to people who didn’t want to understand her. 

“Sisi, don’t waste your time explaining these things. You get it, that’s all that matters. Yeka utshani obulele buvuswe umlilo,” she told a follower. She also let the Twitter streets know that she was on a blocking spree.

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