Kelly Rowland gives Bontle Modiselle another shout-out

KELLY Rowland enjoying a dance lesson from Bontle Modiselle. l INSTAGRAM Instagram

KELLY Rowland enjoying a dance lesson from Bontle Modiselle. l INSTAGRAM Instagram

Published May 14, 2022


Award-winning US singer and businesswoman Kelly Rowland took to her socials to throw back to the time she visited South Africa in April and had the best dance class ever.

The superstar shared the video of her dancing with local dancer choreographer and TV personality Bontle Modiselle and other dancers at Modiselle’s newly-opened Maboneng dance studio.

The “Dilemma” hitmaker, who was clearly impressed by the dance lesson, gave a shout-out to the talented Modiselle as she captioned the Instagram post:

“@bontle.modiselle This was one of the most memorable, fun experiences with movement, I’ve ever had! Thank you to my bro @dale_deruig For hooking this up!! I can’t wait to get back home To S.A. for more good times, at your beautiful studio @bontle.modiselle!! Til next time♥️♥️.”

In the video, Rowland and the other dancers jive to Mr JazziQ song “Teka“ featuring MJ and she does pretty well taking into consideration it’s her first time.

Replying to Rowland’s shout-out, a cool and collected Modiselle wrote: “It was absolutely beautiful! We loved every moment of it and I couldn’t be happier that you enjoyed it as much as you did.

“You NAILED it! Now Come back home, we’ll be ready and waiting for you. …til next time, Queen….❤️.”

On her own Instagram page, Modiselle posted the video and captioned it: “TEKA!!!! @kellyrowland is basically South African now! Adopted.

“Amapiano looks amazing on her and she got it with ease… please!!! This is 1 of 3, the others are loading… I rate her a solid 10 😤🔥💪🏽❤️.”

The US award-winning singer visited Johannesburg for a few days in April. When she left the country she took to her socials to share some of her highlights of her trip, which included the dance lesson with Modiselle.

Back then she said: “This brilliant, honest, authentic, brown South African beauty just gave me the most amazing dance lesson of my life”, before getting the dancer to introduce herself.

She also encouraged tourists to visit Modiselle’s studio.