Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Instagram

With millions of fans across multiple social media platforms, celebrities often subjected to cyberbullying but this time actress and television presenter Khanyi Mbau would hear none of that.

She didn’t waste any time, she hit back at a troll, and said she will not be quiet especially now with the shocking rise of rape and femicide in South Africa.

This follows a distasteful post by a Twitter user, who goes by @Dannymotopi, suggesting he’s one of the few men who haven’t had sex with the Mbau.

He wrote: “I’m one of the 6 guys in the world who has never slept with a Khanyi Mbau.”

The star who doesn’t mince her words responded to the tweep, with a powerful statement, she wrote: “#AmINext Danny? Am i? You can do better my brother. Don’t forget you came from a WOMAN. I AM someone’s mother & sister. Do better. 💔”.

Though some suggested that Mbau must not waste her time entertaining, others dragged the troll for disrespecting women with his ‘disgusting’ comment.

Fans of Mbau rallied behind her, with some highlighting that the man in question could be a sexual predator, others made references to his previous unpalatable tweets.