Lalla Hirayama
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Lalla Hirayama Picture: Instagram

Lalla Hirayama apologises for insensitive TikTok video

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 16, 2020

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Local TV personality Lalla Hirayama has issued an apology following backlash from her TikTok parody video of a coloured woman singing "2 Legit 2 Quit".

Taking to her Twitter page on Thursday, Hirayama admitted that she "was not being sensitive to the climate in SA" and that she "intended only to entertain". 

"I made a TikTok video on Tuesday which was offensive to some of my fellow South Africans. Also, I published it during a time when we each face new and unfamiliar pressures. Moreover, I was not sensitive to the climate in SA as we prepare to enter the 4th week of isolation together. I will be more aware of our collective context", the note read. 

She continued: "TikTok is a new platform that many of us are learning how to apply ourselves to. It is satirical in nature and my warning to others using the platform is, despite the mechanic relying on you impersonating others, that in the South African context we must always respect the culture nuances of our countrymen. 

"My efforts were intended only to be entertaining. to share some uniquely South African "thing" we celebrate as part of what makes us so good at overcoming adversity when the chips are low. I am sorry to know that it angered people. 

"I am aware that my understanding of the TikTok post was potentially short-sighted, I will never be able to take that back. It was not meant to offend any race. I will however, continue to learn as much as I can everyday about the rich diversity in South Africa so as to be more emphatic and contribute in a positive way."

Hirayama's fans replied to her tweet saying that there was no need for an apology, as they didn't see anything wrong with the TikTok video. 

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