Lalla Hirayama. Picture: Instagram
Lalla Hirayama. Picture: Instagram

Lalla Hirayama faces backlash for parody TikTok video

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Apr 15, 2020

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Local TV personality Lalla Hirayama faced backlash on Tuesday for posting a TikTok parody video of a coloured woman singing "2 Legit 2 Quit".

In the now-deleted post, Hirayama is using a voiceover of an old video where a coloured woman singing an adapted version of "2 Legit 2 Quit" by MC Hammer. 

Hirayama is seen jumping between a two-way conversation and pulling faces in an attempt to make the video funny. 

Following the video making its way to Twitter, the "LallaLand" host was called out by users for the use of the audio in the video as it reinforces stereotypes regarding coloured woman for a "cheap laugh". 

Twitter user @LingDeeYoh was one of the people who addressed her video as being problematic and said: "The TikTok from Lalla is not cute or funny. We try in so many ways to not be caricatures and stereotypes. She is neither Coloured, not that it would make it any better. It's vile and ugly.  If you find it funny good for you and proceed to unfriend me."

After receiving a lot of heat in her mentions, Hirayama tried to explain why she thinks her video is okay, equating to people making fun of Asian people. 

However, many users disagreed with her and she subsequently went on a blocking spree.

Hirayama has yet to issue an apology for the video at the time of publishing. 

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