LOOK: J’Something leaves fans smitten with touching love story

Published Oct 19, 2022


It’s hard not to love a good love story, even the most unromantic person can attest to that.

Musician J’Something and his wife Cordelia Fonseca have one of the most heart-warming love stories.

While they maintain their privacy around the relationship, they have made their way into fans’ hearts and have become one of Mzansi’s favourite couples.

Earlier this week, the Mi Casa frontman posted a sweet tribute marking their seven-year wedding anniversary and like a true artist, J’Something poured out his heart out in the post, speaking about committing to being married to his wife.

"Seven years ago we made a public declaration that we would commit to discovering this life together until we die, that we would thug it out through the hard times and we would dance in the moments of bliss, that we would kiss and cry together and that we would always talk,” he wrote.

“Was a scary commitment, I won't lie … But what is love without vulnerability … what is love without risk … what is love without the unknown … I love you pretty little thing ❤️ Till death do us apart @cocodafonseca ,” added the star.

The post was filled with his comments wishing the couple well on their journey and some couldn't help but share how mushy it made them.

Charlotte Mbiyo wrote: "You where meant for each other, the heavens knew before you were born. Your togetherness is aspiring many young and old. May the good Lord bless you and keep you together and grow old together for ever. We love you guys.“

Yvonne De Vasconcelos Magalhaes wrote: “My 2 special friends ❤️ May God continue to bless your marriage and may you have an eternity of love and wonderful memories together.“

Desere Oliphant commented: “Beautiful stay humbled and keep on respecting and cherish each other and grow together

“Remember in one yard there can’t grow two big trees at the same time 🌹🤗.”

Revonia Galane said: “Ur bond is very beautiful hey… Happy anniversary to both of u and keep long each other more n more each day u really are inspiring others.”

Samantha Delporte wrote: “Happy happy 7 year anniversary to two of the most iconic couples, the way you love each other is inspiring, Wishing you many many many more wonderful years together 🎉🎈🎂💐🎊👏👏👏💞”

Belinda Jansen said “This is beautiful. May there be many more beautiful years together for the two of you as you set an example of how we must love each other.”

Seven years after tying the knot, the couple share a son and are going strong. Cheers to many more anniversaries.

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