Lorna Maseko soaks up the sun and sights while on board the Symphony Of The 
Seas with Cruises International to the Mediterranean Sea. Picture: Supplied

Having just launched a new cooking series "Celebrate With Lorna Maseko’, on her  YouTube channel, Lorna With a Pinch of Salt,  she tantalises with memories of her travel

First holiday memory? 

My first international trip, which wasn’t really a holiday, was to Switzerland for the Prix de Lausanne, which was a ballet competition. I stayed in a town called Lausanne, where I remember having McDonald’s for the first time.

Favourite place in SA? 

There are a few places in South Africa that I absolutely love. A few that come to mind is Paternoester in the Western Cape, Magoebaskloof which is beautiful and I absolutely love Franschoek. I definitely think it’s one of the gems we have in this country and it should be seen by everyone; it is gorgeous.

Best holiday?

Definitely going on Symphony Of The Seas with Cruises International to the Mediterranean Sea. It was a real eye-opener. I loved it because you can travel to multiple countries without having to get on to a plane or repack your bags. It’s one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to travel with such a selection of food, entertainment and fun that you never get bored.

What have you learnt from your travels?

When I travel, I always want to come back with an epiphany or an “aha” moment. It generally happens while I am on the trip or when I get back home. Most of the time, though, I love to eat and try out new kinds of foods and cuisines that get my palate excited.

Ideal travelling companion?

Somebody who you get along with and is accommodating and understanding. Obviously someone you have common interests with as well and, of course, have fun with.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

It’s between beach bum and culture vulture because I like to lounge around on the beach, eat and just enjoy my time. But also from a cultural perspective, I love trying out different foods at new and different places. That’s a must with also trying out a Michelin star restaurant. I have to eat where the locals eat. Even if I am invited to somebody’s house to eat local homemade food, I would love that. I’ve heard in Thailand that they are quite open to that so I would love to experience it.

Greatest travel luxury?

I would say my medicine box. I know it’s not a luxury, but I have been sick on a trip before and it’s the worst when you can’t find the medicine that you know is going to help you get better quickly. My little box of medicine that has the standard things that will kick you back into gear very quickly.

Holiday reading?

I generally like to read entrepreneurship books, motivational reading, but I am a big podcast fan so if I had a choice I would listen to a podcast.

Which destination has seduced you?

Italy. I absolutely loved it. I travelled around the cities on a food trip where I was fortunate to experience culinary wonders such as seeing how Parma ham is made in Parma. I also saw how Parmesan was made from scratch and saw families that have been making pasta for years. That was a really amazing food trip.

Worst travel experience?

I don’t want to say it was the worst as it was still an amazing trip, but I think it was my first shoot travelling overseas and I didn’t pack properly. I was going to Australia and it was the middle of winter and I didn’t pack the necessary items as I wasn’t a seasoned traveller yet. I had to go skiing and I couldn’t believe how cold it was.

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Best hotel?

I love the Shangri-La hotels as well as the Four Seasons. I remember going to Hong Kong on a Top Billing trip and the Shangri-La made a cake for my birthday; I didn’t even know they knew it was my birthday. All the staff sang for me and they made my room extra special for me. I’ve always remembered that and thought that was really special.

Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive?

I love driving in a comfortable car depending on where I am driving to especially if it’s a scenic one. I enjoy walking as well. I’m definitely not a swimmer, but I will be on the beach and take the perfect picture near the water, but I am not going to swim.

Best meal abroad?

It was my trip on Cruises International and when we got to the south of France and having burrata and tomato with olive oil which is totally my vibe. It was the simplest meal, but the best meal.

Favourite city?

At the moment, it is Hong Kong. I love the Asian countries and I feel that all the economies meet in Hong Kong. It’s clean and beautiful so I really enjoyed it there. I also love Paris because it really is the city of love. I’ve always been an admirer of all things French. The south of France is just magical as well.

Where to next?

Los Angeles or Dubai. Those are places I would love to visit again as I have been there many times. I love America’s vastness and the fact that Dubai was just a desert and somebody thought an entire city should be built there and now it’s one of the most phenomenal and magical places that’s ever been built. I find that very charming and amazing.