Loyiso Gola. Picture: Twitter

“You can’t use time as slang for time,” Loyiso Gola says and then chuckles. He was delivering one of his gags on the 50 Central show on BET. 

He was introduced by American rapper turned mogul, 50 Cent, in a segment called 50’s Artist Spotlight.

Loyiso has been consistent in his quest for global recognition and so far, he’s raising the Mzansi flag very, very high. 

He took to Twitter to be modest though. Along with the video of him performing on the show to a very receptive audience, Loyiso wrote the following caption: “Baby steps bakithi.... yithi chuuuuu! (sic)”

Some would argue that shooting Netflix specials in foreign lands and having the opportunity to partake in your passion in various parts of the world are not baby steps. Maybe if the baby is a giant… Ok, we’ll keep the jokes to ourselves and allow the professionals - like Loyiso - to keep their day jobs.