Lunathi Mampofu. Picture: Instagram
Lunathi Mampofu. Picture: Instagram

Lunathi Mampofu speaks about playing Emma in 'The River'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jun 14, 2020

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Actress Lunathi Mampofu is shaking things up with her character on "The River". 

The star plays Emma who has come into the Dikana household like a hurricane. 

We caught up with her. 

First off, how have you been?

I’m in a really good place, spiritually, mentally and working on myself physically again. Think I could say I’m adjusting to the current times of Covid-19 and just making sure I’m doing my best to keep myself productive, sane, positive and growing daily.  

Tell us about your role on The River, how did it come about?

I received an email from my agency to do a self tape for this character that in my understanding, they had been looking for her for a while at that time. I did the self tape and I remember, I had broken nails, I was on Accutane so my lips and skin was thin and usually I’d have a panic attack about something like that, but I didn’t... I trusted God and the universe with the tape I sent.  And look, now I’m Emma.

What attracted you to this role?

I was attracted to how difficult and different it is from me. I’m super laid back, and I believe in working for what I have and not sponging off other people.  She’s actually very devious. Which meant I’d really have to act and play. Also, I got to learn and research about the lives of the people like Emma... The reasons why they do what they do and their mental space.  Honestly she is still a work in progress on my side. I feel like I truly learn something everyday. She’s a whole lot. 
We have seen Emma take on Lindiwe but how would you describe Emma?

Highly polished, stylish and glamorous, she’s the kind of woman men think they’ve been waiting for all their lives. She’s a sweetheart. Charming, vivacious, self-assured and with boundless energy for life. Everyone wants to be her, she’s a giver of life. She’ll also do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She’s devious, she’s passionate, she seems pretty delusional as well.

What are some of the characteristics you enjoy the most about Emma and what do you not like about her?

I love her persistence and passion for everything. She’s beautiful, she’s focused she’s stylish. She’s very strong and most people wouldn’t think so, judging by her appearance. I hate her lies and I really believe she’s so delusional which is one of the main things that make her the messed up human being she is. 

Have you taken away any personal lessons from playing her?

Definitely, patience is key, you don’t always have to have everything. Persistence, keep working for what you want. Passion will get you far. Always look the part! Look where Emma is now, just because of her appearance.  

What has been the most challenging thing about playing Emma?

Wearing heels, I hardly wear heels now I have to wear them everyday. That was challenging on its own right. Working against the amazing thespians on set, the hardworking crew as well, it took awhile for me to get used to cause they all just naturals but so easy going. The character itself was a challenge, as it should be; but a challenge I was very excited to take on. 

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