MacG faces backlash after transphobic comments on podcast

Sol Phenduka and MacG. Picture: Instagram

Sol Phenduka and MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 26, 2021


Controversial podcaster MacG has come under fire for his most recent video on his YouTube channel for making transphobic comments.

In a segment on his “Podcast and Chill” episode, MacG and his co-hosts, Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady, discuss Siv Ngesi’s recent debut of his drag persona, Sivanna.

Following the debut of Sivanna, the “Knuckle City” start received various comments question his sexuality – even though doing drag has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation.

The panel discusses the debate that took place on Twitter and goes on to make a false equivalency between Siv doing drag and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

The Ghost Lady goes on to conflate Caitlyn’s gender identity with her sexuality and in the process also misgenders Caitlyn.

Sol jumps in and asks why Caitlyn “couldn’t just be a man” to date women.

To which the Ghost Lady comments that transgender people transition because they “want the parts”, referring to gender confirmation surgery – which is an inaccurate assumption, since gender identity is not intrinsically linked to bottom or top surgery.

Furthermore, the Ghost Lady and Sol ridicule member of the queer community by referring to the LGBTQI+ acronym as “LGBQ – TRZ“.

Sol follows this by bringing up a story of former G-Unit member Young Buck being in a relationship with a transwoman.

He goes to refer to transwomen as “she-male“, a derogatory term for transwomen, and acknowledges that it’s a problematic term but then goes on to refer to transwomen as a ”women with a d***”.

To which MacG starts laughing, with the Ghost Lady saying “it’s a trans female” about the transwoman.

Sol reiterates his earlier statement referring to transwomen as a “woman with a d***“.

Following this MacG brings up a story about Wayne Rooney allegedly engaging is sexual activity with a transwoman, to which Sol makes a remark stating that that’s where he gets his “ball control“ from, and misgendering the transwoman by referring to the alleged interaction as Wayne ”laying on a man’s chest”.

Members of the LGBTQI+ community and allies have spoken out against the transphobic and queerphobic comments made on the episode.

— Jaded Pinkett Smitt (@NotRigh47221239) January 26, 2021
— Homegirls and Handgrenades🌈 (@ItsLithaAfter9) January 26, 2021

Old Mutual, a sponsor for the podcast, released a statement regarding MacG. They said they respect the rights of everyone and had decided to end their relationship with MacG with immediate effect.

They distanced themselves from any harmful commentary made against the LGBTQI+ community.

Furthermore, they called MacG’s commentary “ignorant and insensitive” and said more education needed to take place with regards to the queer community.

IOL Entertainment has reached out to YouTube Black Voices, but is waiting for a response.

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