Makhadzi’s fans believe she was sabotaged at the 28th SAMAs

Makhadzi. Picture: Instagram

Makhadzi. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 29, 2022


Makhadzi’s music career has grown exponentially both locally and internationally over the past few years.

She’s recently travelled to Botswana where she had her “One Woman Show”, which saw over 26 000 people in attendance, and, just a few weeks ago, she was busy with her five-stop tour of Canada and Europe.

She also performed at the 28th South African Music Awards at the weekend but it did not go as smoothly for her.

In a now deleted post which tweeps were quick to snap prior, the “MaGear” hitmaker took to Twitter to share some of the technical difficulties she experienced at SA’s biggest music awards.

She wrote: “I rehearsed with a cellphone at the stage to get my choreograph. I asked to rehearse with the camera guys so they can read my moves no one listened to me. I asked for smokes and fire works they promised but never delivered. (sic)”

Despite all the hiccups she still believed she killed her performance.

“But I remain a queen,” she said.

In another post she wrote: “The award I got it was my blessing from my ancestors, I am sure the person who changed my name will be fired tomorrow.

“I don’t want summer awards anymore, I want to do my music for YouTube, so my fans can buy data and support me without any favour.”

Her fans and followers are suspicious of all the “challenges“ she faced and a few believed that it was deliberate.

@g_mapaya said: “So we going to be quiet while the Samas sabotage Makhadzi sound like that? That was disgusting from SAMA28 . Let Makhadzi shine without sabotaging her sound. #SAMA28.”