Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: Instagram
Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: Instagram

Mihlali's final blow to American Twitter after diaspora twar over Doja Cat

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Nov 6, 2019

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Local YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase dealt the final blow against American Twitter following a diaspora twar on Wednesday. 

The diaspora wars between SA Twitter and Black American Twitter have been an ongoing online battle with insults being thrown both ways. 

First is was American tweeps making jokes about African users all tweeting from one computer; and then there was wig-gate where they dragged South African women for their wigs.

This time around the battle started after @d_ weexy said the Doja Cat's real name, Amala Zandile Dlamini, summons spirits. 

Twitter user @uLelato then sparked the new twar when she posted "Black Americans are making fun of Doja Cat’s real name (Zandile Dlamini) like they don’t name their babies Laquisha. I-"

Followed by: "Bruh at least our names mean something. What the hell is Lakeisha & Demetrius?"

Black American Twitter went in attack mode and @Beymonce posted a picture of a shake-and-go wig with the caption "“At least our names mean something”". 

South African Twitter didn't take kindly to the attack and started dragging @Beymonce and Black American Twitter as a whole. 

Ndamase dealt the final blow when she quote tweeted @Beymonce with a picture of her wearing a full lace wig with the caption "Come again?"

And it seems that Tweeps agreed that she ended this round of the diaspora wars. 

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