Nomzamo Mbatha. Picture: Nomzamo Mbatho/Instagram

Mzansi's Nubian princess, Nomzamo Mbatha, has been caught in a Twitter storm after her second clap back to a troll online. 

Sunday Twitter was yet again on fire after the Migos Culture Tour in Joburg mess and while everything had simmered down by the evening a Twitter user decided to troll Nomzamo Mbatha. 

According to fans at the show, there was a stampede in the Golden Circle section at the venue, while others branded the event as poorly organisations. 

Usually, one to not clap back the 'Isibaya' actress clearly was in the mood to set Twitter user @Litchi_HOV in his place after he commented "ur still wearing this dress from 2015 nee gerl" after she posted a photo of her in a purple latex dress. 
Nomzamo then clapped backed, stating: "Sis, I think we should stick to dancing and leave the Customs Duty paying to mama. For the record, that one busted, dis' a new one". The resposes to her clap back set Twitter alight with people praising her for the response. The star then threw in another shady tweet for good messure: This tweet did not sit well with some Twitter users and debate sprung on Monday morning on whether the tweet lacked tacked and was anti-poor. However, not all of the Twitterverse thought that Nomzamo was being distatstefull in her tweet. Nomzamo has responded to outrage stating "The tweet was addressed at one individual who was being a troll. Context." Hopefully Nozamo's explanation will calm the tweeps enough to rest their fingers for the next heated Sunday Twitter session.