Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters

The Marvel blockbuster 'Black Panther' trended for weeks before and after its release.

It made box office history and started a conversation that spanned across the globe. So how did we miss the fact that our local star Trevor Noah had a cameo role in the film? 

Trevor voiced Groit the AI within the Wakandan Ship that was flown by CIA agent Everett Ross played by Martin Freeman, and once you hear the line "Remote piloting system activated", with the knowledge that it was it is the 'Daily Show' host's voice, it can never unheard  — because it's so darn obvious!

Trevor previously said that movie was close to his heart, but sjoe, no one expected this. His name was even part of the movie's credits but Wakanda fever must've kept us oblivious to what was never really a secret.

You hear you now, Trevor... we hear you now!

Watch Trevor's scene below: