Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai. Pictures: Instagram

Local actress Pearl Thusi clapped back at Ntsiki Mazwai with kindness after being called "obnoxious" on Sunday. 

The Twitterverse was set on fire after a video of Khanya Mkangisa being arrested for drunk driving the prior week started trending over the weekend. 

Mazwai also weighed in on the matter and decided to throw shade at Thusi in the process.  "Khanya has that obnoxious thing that Pearl Thusi has".

While many expected Thusi to come back with fiery retort, the "Behind the Story" host shared that she felt sorry for Mazwai, and encouraged her fans to watch the poet's show, adding "it's sad when someone can't love themselves enough to leave other women alone. But if we support her then maybe she'll value herself enough to stop trying to insult and drag other women down."

The "Scorpion King" star followed this up with now deleted tweets where she told her fans to tweet "I love you Ntsiki" to the poet, dragging God and Mandela into the clap back. 

Saying that "God is Love" and "Mandela went to jail for us to be free to live how we choose within the law. But no. We must deal with Ntsiki tweets".