Priddy Ugly after Cassper Nyovest knock-out: ‘It’s okay to laugh’

Priddy Ugly and Cassper Nyoverst. Picture: IOL Lifestyle

Priddy Ugly and Cassper Nyoverst. Picture: IOL Lifestyle

Published Oct 7, 2022


Hip hop star Priddy Ugly refuses to let his recent big loss to fellow musician and businessman Cassper Nyovest dampen his spirits.

The pair went head-to-head at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria on Saturday, October 1, And despite Priddy Ugly’s confidence to win the celebrity boxing match, Cassper knocked out Priddy Ugly in just two minutes of the first round. Ouch!

“(I have) nothing but respect for Priddy Ugly,” said Nyovest following his victory.

“This was the easiest fight to make, everyone else made excuses but Priddy was up for it and easy to work with,” he added.

Commenting on the match, Priddy Ugly expressed: “What an experience! Never been knocked down before, so I gotta give it to Cassper Nyovest, you definitely worked hard and earned your victory, well done champ.”

Tweeps weren’t going to let this one slide.

Priddy Ugly was dragged on social media, for losing the game but regardless of the heavy criticism, the rapper has managed to keep his head above the water.

Taking to his Instagram on Thursday, the “Handful of Dust” star told his fans it’s okay to laugh at him.

“For the first time in my life, I don’t feel the pressure to have to be immortal, to outperform everyone, to over-deliver, or feel like someone’s untouchable favourite character in an anime series,” wrote the rapper.

“I get to be human, but still a hero to my daughter and a champion to my family.

“I’m allowed to be flawed and I get to rest without guilt.

“It feels great, I’m feeling blessed and grateful for life, if you knew what we had to overcome these last few months just to be able to stand today, you’d never doubt God’s existence & mercy.”

He continued: It’s okay to laugh when you see me, let’s laugh together, stop being so serious. Life is beautiful.”

Fans and industry friends including Young Stunna, Robot Boii, Toss, Daliwonga, Oros Mpofu and Okay Majozi, showed their support for the rapper.

The most anticipated celebrity boxing exhibition was coupled with professional boxing bouts and star-studded performances by Felo Le Tee, Cooper Pabi and Kamo Mphela.