Dineo ranaka

She's outspoken, controversial, unapologetic and misunderstood at times. She's also beautiful, smart and possesses an incredible voice - When she speaks you listen.

Having been in the media industry for over a decade, Dineo has not only managed to sustain her longevity as a star, she's managed to build a thriving empire.

She is well on her way to becoming the media mogul she aspires to be.

Dineo, who joined Touch Central since its inception a few months ago, took us through her journey in radio, her role in the new drama series ‘Hustle’, being a mother, a student, businesswoman and much more.

“My radio career started at 5FM. I was trained by Barney Simon and then I did the Fanta World chart show with Brown Sugar, Ursula Chikane, who's now at Power FM. And then from there I did a lot of theatre. From theatre, YFM happened.

At YFM Dineo started working as a producer to Chilli M's show until she scored her own weekend breakfast show.

Then was offered the afternoon drive time show to take over from Chilli M when he left the station - and “the rest is history”.

While she admits that her career hasn't always been all hunky dory , Dineo has always managed to rise above any challenge.

After YFM, she made the move to Highveld Stereo, which was short lived.

“I didn't feel like I was being myself. I can't work on a platform where I have to speak English all the time as though I wasn't raised speaking other languages. If I have to speak English by choice it's awesome but if I have to speak English by expectation it's exhausting, hence I don't think I would fit well.”

She made it clear, though, that her leaving the station was a mutual agreement between all parties, and was also influenced by her other commitments at the time.

“It was a mutual sort of parting of ways, my schedule was very inconsistent in terms of my presence at Highveld because at the time I was shooting All Access Mzansi.”

“And there's nothing wrong with the station, it's one of the most credible radio platforms we have on the African continent.

“Highveld stereo is absolutely amazing, however the relationship - the combination of my character, my personality and them wasn't amazing, and there's nothing wrong with that,” she added

Dineo said that due to her already hectic schedule, including her role as a mother, she didn't have any interest in radio even when the Touch Central offer was presented to her.

“I told Gareth that I really don't have interest in radio whatsoever, because my life has become so serious especially with my studying Psychology and being an inspirational speaker and mind coach and raising the kids. I do wellness programmes, I do rehabilitation programmes in prisons (and) junior life orientation master classes with grade 7's.”

“It's really a serious space, so I said yes to this gig because it gives me a creative outlet.”

She is grateful she took the opportunity.

“It's an unorthodox platform, it's different, it's fresh and to be in support of a South African pioneers Touch and Gareth Cliff that are doing things differently - they have defied the odds.

“And the moment you make me feel like I'm here to work you're going to lose me.

“This is my playground and I'm thankful for this platform, it just balances my life out. It doesn't make feel like I work on radio so I don't call it radio I call it audio blogging.

Catch Dineo on OnealOnTouchCentral, weekdays between 1pm and 3pm and Hustle on etv. Monday 9:30pm