Rowlene emerges from a two-year hiatus with new single, ‘Would You Like That’

Rowlene. Picture: Instagram

Rowlene. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 14, 2022


Award-winning R&B star Rowlene is back from a short musical hiatus, that’s kept her off the radar for the past two years, with the release of her new single, “Would You Like That”.

Following a purple patch that saw her release several projects and singles, including “The Evolution of a Robot EP” and her South African Music Awards (SAMAs)-nominated debut album, “11:11”, Rowlene’s spent much of the past two years in search of a new perspective.

Press notes from her publicists read: “Serenading her way into bedroom playlists of day one and new music admirers alike, ‘Would You Like That’ explores her sexual prowess through demanding, enticing and suggestive songwriting complemented by ethereal lyrics.”

Rowlene herself also explained the inspiration behind the single: “I’m a multidimensional independent female artist who aims on taking over the world one song at a time. ‘Would You Like That’ is a track about confidently living in the moment.

“It’s sensual with a bit of R&B and afro-fusion. The moody, seductive lyrics will lure you in on the first encounter.”

Over the last few months, Rowlene has been consistently travelling back and forth between Johannesburg and London as she forges her new sound ahead of her upcoming EP.

While she’s been off the radar on the solo front, Rowlene has been highly prolific in her features on other artists’ songs over the past year or so.

Her most recent feature came on Sha Sha’s “Give Me Something”, which is one of the standout songs on the BET Award winner’s new album, “I’m Alive”.

Previously, she teamed up with Nasty C for the stellar “Blood & Water” soundtrack single, “I Need You”, and with R&B star Manana for the soulful “Sunday Morning”.

Rowlene says she plans to spend much of the remainder of the year in Los Angeles to promote her upcoming EP and work on more international collaborations ahead of her sophomore album, which is set to drop in early 2023.

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