Beyoncé and Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Beyoncé.com/Instagram
Beyoncé and Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Beyoncé.com/Instagram

SA BeyHive drags Sizwe Dhlomo for saying Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Sep 17, 2020

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Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo got on the wrong side of the BeyHive after he claimed that Beyoncé doesn’t own her master recordings.

Taking to Twitter during one of Kanye West’s meltdowns, Dlhomo weighed in on the “Ultralight Beam“ rapper complaining about his contract with Universal Music, claiming that they are blocking him from buying his masters.

Dhlomo said: “Even Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters but the point is to smarten up. Kanye was still taking advances for videos in ’Cruel Summer’? SMH! After all that popping off!”

The BeyHive started swarming him and came with receipts clearly stating that the “Pray You Catch Me“ hitmaker owned her masters, including a clip from her ”Dear Class of 2020” YouTube addresses where she states that she does.

Dhlomo refused to believe even Beyoncé’s word that she owned her own masters and posted a screenshot of her albums which included the distribution and publishing attribution.

Twitter user @Titanbaddie then explained the difference between publishing and ownership rights and said: “This literally proves nothing, those aren't author rights or ownership credits, they're the publishing credits since she has partnerships with both Sony and Warner separately depending on the project. They license and distribute but Parkwood owns the author and owner rights.”

Dhlomo tried to rebut his claims, saying: “This actually shows that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

“You can write a song but not own it. Then you just get composer royalties. Owning it pertains to a song’s use. Ask Taylor Swift but ke, carry on.“

However, @Titanbaddie didn’t let up and explained further why Dlhomo’s statements were incorrect.

“I said author AND ownership rights we, she publicly bought in 2011 through Parkwood, then continued to sign publishing deals so that the ww distributions can be handled by Columbia (Sony). It's literally public records. Distribution does not mean sole ownership.“

The rest of the BeyHive also swarmed Dhlomo, disproving everything he claimed while throwing some shade too.

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