SAMAs co-host Robot Boii on a winning streak - with a million views on YouTube for ‘Salary Salary’

Robot Boii. Picture: Instagram

Robot Boii. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 1, 2022


"Roboto, roboto, roboto... salary, salary...''

The catchy phrase comes from multi-talented entertainer and artist Robot Boii’s (real name Mzwakhe Mbuli Junior) latest track, "Salary Salary".

Not only is "Salary Salary" a catchy phrase but the song is a viral sensation across Mzansi and the world over. It has hit over a million views on YouTube, which is a career highlight for Robot Boii.

The 29-year old is one of the fresh faces who are currently dominating the Mzansi entertainment scene, and if you have not heard about him, where have you been as 2022 is proving to be Robot Boii’s year.

The "Lockdown House Party" presenter is a jack of all trades as a voice-over artist, rapper, actor, dancer, comedian, drummer, MC, television host, editor and photographer.

He also creates social media content with his #SalaryChallenge, which has trended across social platforms such as Tik Tok.

At the recently held 28th South African Music Awards (SAMAs), Robot Boii hosted Night 1 of the prestigious music awards ceremony, alongside seasoned comedian and actor Mpho Popps.

The two were a true pleasure to watch as their comedic energy flowed. They were also enlisted to join the hosting fun with Lawrence Maleka and Nandi Madida on Night 2 as a welcome surprise addition.

In conversation with IOL Entertainment, Robot Boii shared that he and Popps have a great working relationship and get each other’s humour. “It’s almost like I’m working with another me,” said Robot Boii.

“If I say something, I know he can improvise and cover that, and if he says something off the spot, I can do the same. So it’s almost like we think alike, so there are never any surprises or mistakes,” he shared.

“I’m really inspired by him and it was such an honour working with him throughout the whole SAMAs weekend,” he said.

Robot Boii was a part of the "Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau", where he introduced Mbau in the same poetry style his father renowned poet, Mzwakhe Mbuli, is known for.

Having a famous father may be considered an advantage in some circles, however, Robot Boii is letting his work speak for itself.

“Being on the roast was amazing, being able to introduce her was such an honour, because she is family,” he said.

Robot Boii also revealed that he in fact was also considered to be part of the panel that roasted Mbau.

“Initially the plan was that I should be on the panel to roast but apparently I don't have enough scandals or dirt on my name. I’m too clean and that’s why I wasn't on the panel. I was involved in the behind the scenes and introduction,” he added.

The musician showed off one of his talents at the 28th SAMAs when he hit the drums during a comedic monologue between all four hosts.

Robot Boii is also quite the rapper, he features on "Zonke", a track with hip hop heavyweights Nadia Nakai and AKA.

With all the “hip hop” is dead talk that has been floating around, IOL Entertainment asked Robot Boii if he thought Big Zulu's "150 bars" was the shake up SA hip hop needed.

“I think so, as now it’s created excitement and engagement,” he said.

“I think the biggest thing that I appreciate it for is, some of the younger generation wouldn't really know how dope Kwesta and K.O are. I feel like they are growing up listening to new age now and everytime we mention the OGs, they think ‘’ugh don’t tell me about the “Caracara” and “Ngudu” guy’.“

"Now they get to experience the fact that these dudes are hectic and that's why the game respects them like that. It almost reminds them, those who don’t know," he said.

In August, Robot Boii was also named as one of the new DStv Compact ambassadors. This is a full circle moment for him, from growing up watching content on DStv to becoming an ambassador for the platform.

"What people would say is the law of attraction, but for me it's the consistency and quality. That means everything is possible, nothing is impossible and forever as long as you trust God and don't sleep on yourself, whatever is yours will come in his timing,” he shared.

The entertainer also has a philanthropic streak and visits high schools to share his knowledge with the youth.

He hopes to one day have a foundation or mentorship programme where he can pass down his knowledge to those wanting to position themselves as “brands”.

“Everything I do is through Christ and in God, because there are God given talents that I am using. So it’s trusting in him and not sleeping on myself.

“As far as the work that you do, you must always bring out consistency and quality. Those key things will take you far. Because opportunity meets preparation. So stay prepared so you can grab the opportunity with both hands,” he advises those hoping to follow a similar route to him.