Shashi Naidoo. Picture: Instagram
"Nudity is not sex, not pornography. It is the human form, reduced visually to it’s purest state. Uncensored and untainted."

This is the caption that accompanied the nude snap media personality Shashi Naidoo shared on her Instagram account on Monday.

The 38-year-old model shared a picture on herself posing nude next to a pool, but while many complimented her, others thought that it had no place on the internet.
Responding to one critic - who branded her " shameless and talent-less clout chasing... there are kids on this app" - Naidoo said: " honey there is a lot worse on the internet. And why are we teaching our kids that the human form is something to be ashamed of?"  

While another likened her photo to an oil painting that would by social standards be more acceptable.   " I don't see anything wrong with your photograph and yes the human form is beautiful. If it was an oil painting done in that same position posted by some famous painter, it would be hailed as art," the fan wrote.