Sho Madjozi. Picture: Instagram

Local rising star Sho Madjozi spoke up about xenophobia in the country in a lengthy Twitter thread on Wednesday. 

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa have been making headlines the last couple of days with Nigerian Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy pulling of out of planned performances in the country. 

The "John Cena" rapper also shared her thoughts on the current situation giving a very concise thread explaining nuances of Xenophobia. 

She kicked her thread off by saying that the reason we have "bad leaders is because we want bad answers". Further explaining that South Africans want black and white statements with regards to foreign nationals. 

The award-winning rapper goes on to say that "good leaders" would have to have a more nuanced approach to things and would have "to understand that more than one thing can be true at once and that some things can be partially true". 

However, according to her "good leaders" aren't successful since people don't want a "complex and multidimensional" answer which isn't easily consumable. Stating that this is the reason we have inactive leaders and populists. 

The "Huku" singer then uses crime as an example saying that the problem lies in statements such as "people are criminal because they are foreign" which is Xenophobic. 

Sho Madjozi explains that denying the fact that there are areas where foreign nationals commit crime fuels anger in those that witness it daily. 

However, "allowing South Africans to believe that other Africans are responsible for most or all of the crime here is just false and also feeds into violence".

The "Wakanda Forever" rapper uses herself as an example as a South African who lived in other African countries that she can relate to being othered in African countries.

Furthermore, she says that the truth is complex and multiple truths can exist at once and that if good leaders could acknowledge both truths and dispel the lies everyone would be heard. 

She ends the thread by saying that she is sad that other African countries are mad at South Africa and that law-abiding citizens don't feel safe either. 

Stating that "no normal person can be happy" with the current state of crime, including law-abiding foreign nationals. 

In her final tweet, she says that while most people want to live in a peaceful and safe place, people are "disenfranchised and poor and we are all unprotected by the leaders we have chosen". 

Her fans applauded her for these tweets with many saying that they are ready to stand her after reading them.