Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo. Picture: Instagram
Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo. Picture: Instagram

Sizwe Dhlomo throws shade at Vusi Thembekwayo again

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Nov 10, 2020

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Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has taken another dig at businessman Vusi Thembekwayo, but it's no surprise to many of us.

This time though, Twitter users want them to take their fight to the boxing ring, just like what is expected to happen when rivals AKA and Cassper Nyovest do the same.

Sizwe recently threw shade at the motivational speaker after a tweep suggested that Vusi's book would make a good birthday gift.

The Twitter user asked Sizwe when his birthday was so he could buy him the book, titled “Vusi: Business & Life Lessons from a Black Dragon”.

Finding it amusing that someone wanted to buy him such a gift, Sizwe responded saying his birthday was on June 21, and that he doesn’t need a “doorstop“.

Another tweep who saw Sizwe's response then suggested that it was about time that the two took their beef to the boxing ring.

Sizwe then replied to the tweep claiming that his nemesis needed “to go fight his summons and troubles first”.

In October, the two got into an exchange, after the news that a tax increase was proposed for South Africa and Sizwe applauded the government for their “fair” decisions.

However, a tweep disagreed with Sizwe's reaction on the matter, saying we shouldn't be “pumping more money into an abyss”.

This is when Vusi came in and agreed with the tweep's sentiments. He also came for Sizwe's educational level and understanding of the world.

“Beyond the flippant tone of Sizwe’s tweets, the truth of the man came out. He has a hollow, surface-level understanding of very complex issues.

“He has been parading his 33% pass mark logic for a year and his cheerleading squad didn’t know better. He thinks life is a rap battle,” wrote Vusi in his clap-back tweets.

Known for not backing down without a fight, Sizwe called out and threw a few fiery punches below Vusi's belt with rumours of “fake” qualifications.

“Lol! This is rich coming from you. Aren’t you the guy who faked qualifications from Hult [Hult International Business School] and got removed from the SAVCA [Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association] board as a result?” said Sizwe.

Vusi then hit back defending his honour by coming for Sizwe's tweets on Beyonce's “Masters”.

“SAVCA board members serve a three-year term. My term had ended. And it’s a bad week for you son. You’re getting bodied all over the TL. Did you ever find Beyoncé’s Masters?” wrote Vusi.

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