Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

The South African Music Awards (SAMAs) ceremony this past weekend took an interesting turn when Skolopad fainted during the awards ceremony in Sun City. 

The controversial social media personality — who was seated in the front portion of the auditorium — seemingly became unresponsive in her chair. Fortunately, the on-site paramedics immediately wheeled her out of the venue where she received medical attention.

It was initially believed the cause of her fainting spell was due to exhaustion after she drove more than eight hours to attend the event. However, reports by Daily Sun claims Skolopad is blaming muthi (witchcraftfor the ordeal.

Telling the publication, Skolopad said: “I started having skin problems a few days before the event."

“Just after I solved the skin problem, I fainted. I think jealous witchcraft is behind my problems. I was dancing and having fun when everything suddenly went blank. I blacked out and collapsed.”

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Skolopad also mentioned that the fact that she had an empty stomach could have triggered the lightheadedness that led to her fainting.

“I was a little nervous and when I’m nervous I can’t eat. I didn’t have anything to eat because of my nerves. That could also be the reason I fainted."

“I was immediately given the necessary medical attention after the incident and I felt better. I was also given a full chicken to eat and I was well again."

A few days before the big event Skolopad posted a picture her foot on social media, asking for fans to pray and for advice on what to use to get rid of the marks on her foot.

Skolopad, who is also a nurse, assured her supporters that she is fine and they should not to worry about her health. The singer is reportedly resting at home.