Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

Local singer Skolopad has spoken out against a Twitter troll claiming that her nude pictures are "provoking" men to rape her. 

This comes after the scantily clad songstress posted outtakes from her nude photo shoot for her Skin Miracle campaign on Wednesday.

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the controversial artist stated that she was irritated by a Twitter user claiming that her posting nude pictures provoke men to want to rape her. 

"There are a lot of things that people have said about me and have done to me. Where I am right now, I am not really concerned about that. I was raped while I was fully clothed, so clearly, nakedness is not a factor. That is why I am not scared to embrace my nakedness, it was never the problem."

Skolopad has admitted to being a sexual abuse survivor shortly after gaining some notoriety and openly spoke about her traumatic experience. Stating that it happened while she was fully covered up walking home from work. 

The singer also stated that she is comfortable in her own skin and if people find her nakedness offensive the problem is with them and not her.